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Ninja Training

When it comes to instilling a love for Karate at a young age, we consider ourselves to be experts. Just take a look at our students and you’ll see for yourself! Our Ninja Training classes are all about introducing the basics of martial arts, teaching kindness and patience to our budding athletes, and having a blast!

Ninja Training

Building A Strong Foundation

At Dimitrova Training Academy, we understand that martial arts are a discipline that can’t be learned overnight. That’s why we place so much emphasis on establishing a strong foundation of skills and techniques in our youngest students. Our youngest students will begin by learning the proper stances and forms, and will then incorporate basic karate moves such as the straight punch, front lunge punch, front kick, roundhouse kick, and various blocks. The earlier students get these skills drilled into their muscle memory, the better off they’ll be throughout the rest of their martial arts journey!

Instilling Values

When we talk about building a foundation in our Ninjas, we aren’t just talking about kicks and punches. Unlike other sports and activities, the discipline of karate believes that the mental and emotional lessons are just as important as the physical ones…if not more. Though our students may be young, they will still be expected to address their instructors respectfully, control themselves during class time, demonstrate patience when they can’t master a move on their first try, and treat one another with kindness. These are skills that won’t just help them advance through our curriculum but will translate into better grades in school, improved behavior at home, and positive lifestyle habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Creating Positive Relationships

Developing good social skills is an essential step of childhood development. As students learn the values that Dimitrova Training Academy teaches, they will also create positive relationships with both their instructors and their fellow students. Our youngest students will learn how to communicate, be aware of the feelings of others, and build meaningful friendships. As students partake in our many activities, games, and drills that require them to work with others, we have seen hundreds of friendships form within our school. We are proud of our strong community of young martial artists who look forward to spending time together in class, take care of one another, and help each other become the best martial artists they can be.

Having Fun

Above all, students at Dimitrova Training Academy enjoy their training. We believe that in order to become amazing martial artists one day, students have to develop a love for the sport first! Instead of just using repetition, we teach our toddlers important techniques, stances, and moves through fun games and creative activities. As they laugh and get their energy out, they won’t even realize how much they’re learning!

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