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Samurai Training

While there are many great sports out there for kids, none compare to the martial arts. Your child may learn how to kick a ball in soccer, but are they learning life lessons that apply off the field? Martial arts is just as much about instilling positive habits as it is about advancing in belt rank. Our Samurai Training classes are all about teaching young students how to respect others, persevere through challenges, and build self-discipline. Not only will this atmosphere increase their athletic ability, but it will translate into better behavior at home, in the classroom, and with friends!

Samurai Training

Builds Self-Confidence

The health benefits of karate go far beyond the body – this sport is good for the brain too! Exercise releases endorphins, also known as happy chemicals. But martial arts takes this a step further, building confidence in its students. Many of our students begin their journey with us as shy and timid individuals who are highly insecure in themselves. But with every class they take, they grow in ability and confidence. Karate pushes students to do things they previously thought they were incapable of – helping young people set goals for themselves and achieve them. This newfound sense of confidence helps our students stand up for themselves, empowers them to ask questions and excel in school, and improves their ability to make friends.


Improves Health

Lack of childhood health is a growing issue all around the world. One of the biggest challenges? Getting kids active. As they have greater access to technology, children are spending more and more time in front of a screen and less and less time participating in physical activities. If you’re encountering this issue in your child’s life, karate may just be the solution you’re seeking. Not only does martial arts reduce stress, but it provides benefits to one’s cardiovascular health, stamina, flexibility, strength, reflexes, and weight management.


Teaches Self-Defense

Martial arts provides a lot of benefits, but there’s one that stands apart from all the others – self-defense. Bullying continues to plague the lives of young people. Stopbullying.gov reports that approximately 20% of students between the ages of 12 and 18 have been bullied at some point in their lifetime. At Dimitrova Training Academy, we want to help students learn how to avoid dangerous situations, de-escalate altercations, and protect themselves from attackers. If you aren’t sure whether or not to enroll your child in martial arts, the sport’s self-defense lessons are reason enough.

Promotes Important Values

Your child probably has a lot of different options when it comes to their next sport. So why karate? Well, we have something all of those other activities don’t – our values. Since martial arts are founded on traditions of respect, discipline, hard work, patience, and confidence, it’s no surprise that this sport is known for the life lessons it instills in its students. Your child may not become a professional martial artist, but the principles they learn in the dojo will carry over to all areas of their life – from school to the workplace, to their friendships and relationships. Enroll your child in karate today and give them the gift that keeps on giving.

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